CDC Travel Guidelines for Testing

Do I still need a COVID test for travel if I’ve been vaccinated?
Answer: Yes. (see link below for more information.)

CDC Travel Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of COVID test do you offer?
Answer: We offer a molecular PCR test.

How is the test collected?
Answer: We use a pain-free nasal swab technique.

How reliable is the COVID test?
Answer: Our PCR test the most accurate COVID-19 test currently available.

How soon will I get my results?
Answer: Results will be available no later than 48 hours from the time of receipt/login (except for weekends/holidays, which could be up to 72 hours).

How will I get my results?
Answer: You will receive a text or email message with a secure link to your report. You may also call 406 238-6360 and speak to us personally.

Where is the testing center located?
Answer: Our COVID Collection office is located in Suite 20W of the Yellowstone Medical Center, 2900 12th Ave N, just south of the Saint Vincent Hospital