Reliable, Personable Service

Each of our employees is trained to watch over your account to ensure specimens arrive safely, tests are performed accurately and reports are sent out promptly. Each specimen is carefully tracked to ensure you and your patients receive the highest quality testing services available.

Supplies and Specimen Transport

YPI provides our clients with all the supplies necessary for the collection and transport of patient specimens. Our specimen transport systems ensure that your specimens arrive in our laboratory quickly and safely, utilizing private and commercial couriers. Client Order Supply Form

Rapid Results

Results of most routine tests are available in less than 48 hours. For complex or urgent cases, our pathologist will immediately contact you personally with the results.

Insurance  Coverage

YPI is a participating provider for a comprehensive list of insurance companies.  Many insurance companies, however, have rental networks or sister companies that YPI does not participate with.  As such, we recommend that the patient or physicians contact their insurance company to verify participation.

YPI also have a policy that addresses the uninsured population.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to our uninsured policy.
406 238 6379