All of our pathologists are available to provide consultative services to outside laboratories on difficult cases.

Women’s Health Services

The most important usage of cytopathology is the detection of cervical dysplasia and cancer at an early treatable stage. At YPI, we utilize the ThinPrep® Pap system, which allows us to screen for cervical dysplasia, and when requested, test for gonorrhea and chlamydia and high risk HPV, all from the ThinPrep® vial. We are also one of the select institutions that examine all of our Pap cases on a revolutionary ThinPrep® Imaging System with Dual Review.


YPI is committed to provide exceptional dermatopathology services to ensure the best possible patient care. Our dermatopathologists are experienced in using clinicopathologic correlation to render prompt and accurate diagnoses to the referring clinicians. We offer advanced diagnostic testing including comprehensive immunohistochemistry, as well as B cell and T cell gene rearrangement studies.

Gastrointestinal/Hepatic Pathology

YPI offers an extensive menu of diagnostic testing including, but not limited to, comprehensive immunohistochemistry and molecular genetic testing.  In addition, our Gastrointestinal/Hepatic Pathology specialist welcomes GI, liver, and pancreas consultation cases from clinicians and pathologists.


Hematopathology at YPI offers a wide range of diagnostic testing. Bone marrow and lymph node biopsy specimens are analyzed using the latest techniques, and are correlated with flow cytometry, FISH and cytogenetic results. Our high-tech, full-service flow cytometry laboratory provides rapid results within hours of specimen receipt, and our pathologists discuss all urgent results directly with the patient’s treating physician and local pathologist, to assist our referring physicians in treating their patients promptly.


YPI offers a full-service, cutting-edge histology laboratory with a wide array of ancillary studies available, including expansive immunohistochemistry, cytochemistry and FISH testing. Our extensive quality systems make certain that each specimen is carefully monitored throughout the entire process, ensuring the highest level of quality for patient safety.

Molecular Genetic Pathology

YPI is home to a state-of-the-art advanced molecular diagnostics laboratory. The test menu includes a broad array of the most advanced assays in infectious disease, hematology/oncology, pharmacogenomics and inherited genetics. Our capabilities are second to none, ranging from multiplexed rapid real-time PCR for the detection and profiling of infectious agents to high-resolution capillary electrophoresis for genomic DNA fingerprinting. We believe molecular medicine offers an unparalleled new potential for patient care, and we are dedicated to helping you understand and deliver its benefits to your practice and your patients via our interactive consultative services.

Clinically Oriented Reporting and Interactive Consultative Services

YPI’s pathology reports are precisely designed and written to not only present essential clinical data but, most importantly, to proactively interpret the data so that you have a definitive answer to assist in diagnosing your patient.  And coming soon: a comprehensive report that will both summarize and detail all testing performed on a single patient specimen.   Beyond our interpretive written report, our pathologists are always available for additional consultation when it is most convenient for you.

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